Learn About Low Testosterone Treatments in Southlake

When it comes to the physical features and traits we think of as “manly,” such as facial and body hair, muscle tone, deep voice, and more, the hormone testosterone is mostly responsible.

Many factors other than age can cause a man to experience a drop in testosterone levels, meaning that the condition can occur at almost any time in a man’s adult life. 

Low testosterone can have significant effects on a man’s physical and emotional state, not to mention increasing his risk for developing heart disease, Osteoporosis, and more一making low testosterone treatments in Southlake essential for rebalancing this important hormone.

Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa has helped hundreds of men feel like themselves again with BioTE™ hormone treatments for low testosterone.

How do I know if I need low testosterone treatments in Southlake?

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A variety of factors can lead to low testosterone levels in a man at almost any age. Just a few common causes include:

  • Aging (a man’s natural testosterone decline starts after 30 and continues throughout his life)
  • Injury to or infection of the testes
  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Alcohol or anabolic steroid abuse
  • Obesity or extreme weight loss
  • Hormone imbalance (excess estrogen)
  • Poor diet/lifestyle

If you think you are a good candidate for low testosterone treatments in Southlake, you have probably experienced several of the following symptoms:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Loss of muscular strength & increased body fat
  • Development of breasts

What are the options for low testosterone treatments in Southlake?

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At Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we offer some of the best low testosterone treatments in Southlake, including BioTE bioidentical hormone therapy. 

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After an initial test of your current testosterone levels to confirm that you are suffering from low testosterone, we will create a customized treatment plan for you with the BioTE pellets.

We insert the pellets every 3 to 6 months in our Southlake office in a quick 15-minute procedure. Our team can quickly and effectively test and monitor your testosterone levels throughout the treatments to help minimize and eliminate your symptoms. 

Are there any risks with low testosterone treatments in Southlake?

Since we use bioidentical hormones for our low testosterone treatments in Southlake, your body can use the hormone optimally, minimizing risk to you.

The pellets are also a safe option because they release a slow, consistent dose of low testosterone therapy for an extended period, rather than giving you a large dose at once and causing any “rollercoaster”-like effects that you may experience with testosterone shots.

Side effects of low testosterone treatments in Southlake that can occur include oily skin, fluid retention, and sleep apnea.

Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa offers the best low testosterone treatments in Southlake

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If you are experiencing any symptoms of low testosterone that we have mentioned, come to Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa for testing and treatments for low testosterone. We can help put together a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle and will get you back to feeling your best. Use our Virtual Consultation tool or contact us to get started! 

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