Halo Laser in Southlake, Texas

Halo® Laser

About Halo Laser

Release your “inner glow” and reverse years of damage.

The Halo laser in Southlake, Texas, is the only hybrid fractional laser treatment available in the world.

This state-of-the-art laser penetrates deep into collagen layers of the skin, leaving the surface of skin intact for amazing results and less healing time than traditional laser resurfacing treatments.

Halo Overview

Procedure Time:

Approximately 45 minutes to numb the treatment area(s) with a topical anesthetic and one hour for the treatment time.

What it Treats:

Sun damage
Large pores
Age spots
Fine lines
Lax skin

Recovery Time:

3 or 4 days; return to work with light makeup
5 days for complete healing

Patient Results

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How Does the Halo Laser in Southlake Work?

Our Halo laser in Southlake combines non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to deliver excellent results with a quicker healing process than other lasers.

Halo allows us to customize each treatment based on the patient’s skin needs. Completing two treatments within 8 to 12 weeks will give you even greater results.

Is the HALO Laser Painful?

Pain will be minimal, as we will numb you with a local topical anesthetic for 1 hour before treatment. During and after your Halo laser treatment in Southlake, your skin will feel hot for about an hour and then cool down. We will use a cooling system on you and when you leave, provide you with a cool gel mask to use at home.

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How to Take Care of Your Skin After a Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are an investment in your skin’s overall health, and we’re here to tell you how to protect that investment and maintain those results!

Patient Reviews

Everyone is professional and caring, appointments were on time, information about the procedures and what to expect were explained thoroughly, and any questions or concerns I had post op were addressed immediately.

Dr. Mason took all the time necessary to discuss my concerns, address questions and provide options/suggestions. Extremely personable and attentive.

Dr Mason and his entire staff are the Best of the Best. Their patients come first, from the beginning to the end and every detail is utmost in their mind. I highly recommend Southlake Plastic Surgery

Anxiety and Pain Management with Pro-Nox

We are proud to offer Pro-Nox for anxiety management before and during all non-surgical treatments. This mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide, 50% Oxygen provides relief from anxiety and allows patients to handle pain without worry. The treatment addition does not affect consciousness at all, and the patient controls intake entirely during the procedure. Simply breathe through the ergonomic mouth piece when you’d like to feel relief! The effects of the mixture wear off after only a few breaths of normal air. Following treatment, patients are able to drive themselves home!

Financing Options

Financial limitations should not inhibit the choice to improve your appearance. To make it convenient and stress-free, Southlake Plastic Surgery offers several financing options. We are happy to work closely with you to help you understand your options and get pre-approval on the plan that best fits your circumstances. Click on any one the logos to learn more about financing options with our respective providers.




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