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Chin Augmentation

About Chin Augmentation

Chin Reshaping

It is amazing how a feature as seemingly insignificant as the chin can have such an impact on the overall look of the face. For one thing, a small chin can make the nose appear disproportionately large. With a chin implant in Southlake, we can correct this asymmetry.

Interestingly, a chin implant in Southlake may be what is needed rather than rhinoplasty (a nose job) to help bring facial features into balance. By enhancing a small chin, the face will look more symmetrical overall and often the nose will appear smaller.

Chin Augmentation Overview

Procedure Time:

30 minutes to 1 hour under general anesthesia.

What it Treats:

Chin size in relation to facial balance
Chin width in relation to facial balance
Chin profile in relation to facial balance


The procedure is done under general anesthesia.

The Procedure

Commonly a chin implant is made of silicone, although various materials may be used during a chin implant in Southlake. An incision is either made from inside the mouth leaving no visible scarring or just beneath the jawline where scarring will be minimal. The implant is placed and skin is sutured back together.


Most of our patients who receive a chin implant in Southlake experience relatively little downtime and can resume a desk job and most regular daily activities about 7 days after surgery. You will need to sleep face up, with your head elevated to minimize swelling, and we may require you to eat a special diet after surgery for several days to protect your new implant.

Chin Implant Animation

Patient Reviews

Everyone is professional and caring, appointments were on time, information about the procedures and what to expect were explained thoroughly, and any questions or concerns I had post op were addressed immediately.

Dr. Mason took all the time necessary to discuss my concerns, address questions and provide options/suggestions. Extremely personable and attentive.

Dr Mason and his entire staff are the Best of the Best. Their patients come first, from the beginning to the end and every detail is utmost in their mind. I highly recommend Southlake Plastic Surgery

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Financial limitations should not inhibit the choice to improve your appearance. To make it convenient and stress-free, Southlake Plastic Surgery offers several financing options. We are happy to work closely with you to help you understand your options and get pre-approval on the plan that best fits your circumstances. Click on any one the logos to learn more about financing options with our respective providers.




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