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Brow Lift

About Brow Lift

Smooth Forehead Skin & Signs of Aging

A brow lift in Southlake, Texas, also known as a forehead lift, helps smooth forehead skin and reduce the signs of aging in the upper face.

In addition, the brow lift moves the eyebrows to a higher, more youthful position.

Brow Lift Overview

What it Treats:

Sagging skin


Smooth forehead skin
Reduce the signs of aging
More youthful appearance

Procedure Time:

Approximately 3 hours

Does It Hurt?

There is very little postoperative pain associated with a brow lift in Southlake, Texas, also known as a forehead lift. However, expect to experience minimal swelling and bruising that will last for 5 to 6 days.


A brow lift in Southlake is performed under general anesthesia

Recovery time:

1 week – makeup can be worn
1 to 2 weeks – normal activities
4 to 6 weeks – full athletic activities

Expert Care

Dr. Mark E. Mason is a board-certified, Stanford-trained plastic surgeon with years of experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He is well-trained in all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery. He now focuses his plastic surgery and med spa center in Southlake, Texas on procedures of the body and face to maximize results.

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Combine Procedures to Maximize Results

A brow lift in Southlake, Texas can be performed with other procedures such as an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or with a facelift.

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The Recovery Process

Some patients notice tingling and itching at the incision sites and some discomfort for the first few days after surgery.

There is bruising as the healing process occurs; the bruising often occurs around the eyes as the fluids begin to settle with gravity. .

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Non-Surgical Alternative

Botox can be used to create a temporary lift in the brow area and is a great nonsurgical option for a brow lift in Southlake.

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Patient Reviews

Everyone is professional and caring, appointments were on time, information about the procedures and what to expect were explained thoroughly, and any questions or concerns I had post op were addressed immediately.

Dr. Mason took all the time necessary to discuss my concerns, address questions and provide options/suggestions. Extremely personable and attentive.

Dr Mason and his entire staff are the Best of the Best. Their patients come first, from the beginning to the end and every detail is utmost in their mind. I highly recommend Southlake Plastic Surgery

Financing Options

Financial limitations should not inhibit the choice to improve your appearance. To make it convenient and stress-free, Southlake Plastic Surgery offers several financing options. We are happy to work closely with you to help you understand your options and get pre-approval on the plan that best fits your circumstances. Click on any one the logos to learn more about financing options with our respective providers.




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