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Our plastic surgery center and med spa in Southlake, Texas offers surgical and cosmetic nonsurgical procedures for men and women in one practice, allowing you to explore your options based on the level of results you desire and your comfort level.

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Using our virtual consultation, you can identify the area(s) of your body where you have concerns. Click on an area of concern, and we’ll recommend solutions tailored to you.

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Combined with respect & kindness.

A plastic surgery center and med spa in Southlake, Texas with a transformative experience.

Dr. Mason, Dr. Wan, and our staff listen to the needs and goals of every patient to recommend the best procedure for you. Our dedication to our clients through each step of the process helps them feel calm, informed, and comfortable in the hands of our staff.

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Meet Dr. Mason

Southlake’s Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mason is well-trained in all aspects of both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

He now focuses his practice on cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures of the body and face. Dr. Mason’s expertise and love for aesthetic surgery led him to study plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, one of the country’s leading medical institutions.

Dr. Mark E. Mason, founder of Southlake, the best clinic for CoolSculpting Near Me

Patient reviews.

Breast Reduction

Dr. Mason is very thorough and professional. He explained everything clearly and made sure I understood.


The results were as expected with a natural looking outcome. I had no pain and did not take any pain medication. I was also able to return to my social activities within 10 days. After losing 40 lbs my face lost it’s support as well, the fat. My face is now fuller following the fat transfer. I must also say my neck is a thousand times improved with the neck lift/facelift.

Dr. Mason took all the time necessary to discuss my concerns, address questions and provide options/suggestions. Extremely personable and attentive.

"I recommend Dr. Mason to anyone who will listen to me..."


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"I feel like the people here are truly, truly invested in me as a patient."


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Certifications & recognition.

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