5 Tips for a Quick and Easy Mommy Makeover Recovery

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5 Tips for a Quick and Easy Mommy Makeover Recovery

A mommy makeover is a popular, customizable treatment meant to help new mothers (or anybody, really!) take back their body and feel fully revitalized. The benefits of the procedure are incredible–renewed confidence, dazzling results, rejuvenated figure–but just like any surgery, the mommy makeover recovery is an important part of the process.

Every team member at Southlake Plastic Surgery shares the same passion and drive to help our clients feel fantastic and achieve the body of their dreams! Our highly skilled and competent team is here for you from the very beginning of your mommy makeover to the very end. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to prepare prior to your surgery to facilitate a relaxed mommy makeover recovery.

What is a mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover is a highly customizable surgical procedure that addresses a variety of concerns. We affectionately refer to this grouping of procedures as the ‘mommy makeover’ because, after childbirth, the body may change in ways that are immune to diet and exercise alone. 

Many women find themselves dissatisfied with their post-pregnancy physique. Luckily, the full body makeover, AKA the mommy makeover, is an optimal way for anybody, including mothers, to reclaim their figure and look as good as they ever have! Here’s a list of things to prepare prior to your surgery to facilitate a relaxed mommy makeover recovery

Prepare the right clothing

After your surgery, you will have a tough time raising your arms above your head or maneuvering into T-shirts! Prepare comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for the day of your surgery and throughout your mommy makeover recovery. Button-up shirts, dresses you can step into, and cardigans are perfect for keeping you comfortable during your downtime without causing any stress to your incisions. 

For those who choose to incorporate breast surgery into their mommy makeover, it is especially important not to wear underwire bras until you have fully healed. Following your surgery, Southlake Plastic Surgery will provide you with the appropriate post-surgery bra and compression garments to wear during your healing process. 

Stock up on healthy foods

Making a grocery run is an essential step for a successful mommy makeover recovery! You’ll want to stock up on all the goods prior to your surgery so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re resting. 

When you go, steer clear of heavily processed foods and sugary desserts, as they can cause inflammation. Instead, look for healthy options like whole grains, fruits and veggies, fish, and healthy snacks.

Set up a recovery station

Now is the time to embrace your inner child and set up a recovery station in the style of a sick day from elementary school. Gather snacks, your water bottle, cell phone charger, books, and–most importantly, we think–the remote, and get settled in with your coziest blanket. 

While we encourage you to get up and move after the first 24 hours, your body will need a lot of R&R during your mommy makeover recovery. Embrace it, and start that show you’ve been wanting to see!

Arrange a support system

Following your procedure, it is prohibited for you to lift anything over 10 pounds for approximately 6 weeks. You will likely experience mild to moderate pain, and moving around will be uncomfortable. Your doctor will prescribe you medication to alleviate the pain, but as long as you’re taking it, you won’t be able to drive.

It is imperative that you arrange a dedicated support system to help you run errands, perform housework and childcare, and help you with changing clothes and maneuvering around the house. Make sure to set this up prior to your surgery to guarantee you have the help you need! 

Bonus tip: indulge in lymphatic drain massage!

Lymphatic drain massage is a relaxing technique that uses gentle directional pressure to encourage the drainage of lymph fluids. These fluids, located in lymph nodes all over the body, contain oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and other vital nutrients. 

Encouraging the circulation of lymph fluids encourages healing, reduces swelling, and flushes out toxins that cause infection! At Southlake Plastic Surgery Med Spa, our experienced medical aestheticians provide complimentary lymphatic massage treatments after your surgery to enhance healing and speed up your recovery. 

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