About Forever Bare BBL™

Laser Hair Removal in Southlake, TX

Using one of the best pulsed light hair removal devices on the market, we offer laser hair removal in Southlake, Texas to our patients who want to have smooth, beach-ready skin all year round! After a series of treatments with our Forever Bare BBL device, we can effectively reduce your pesky, unwanted body hair.

What it treats:
Unwanted hair

Procedure Time:
30 minutes per area depending on what areas of the body are treated

Recovery Time:
Minimal to none

Repeat Treatment to Maximize Results

Laser hair removal in Southlake, Texas requires a series of 6 treatments. Some individuals will need extra treatments beyond these initial six, depending on how their hair follicles respond to the treatment. A touch up session is recommended after the first series of treatments is completed.

Apply to Any
Body Area

Sciton’s intense pulsed light (IPL) or broadband light (BBL) can be applied to any unwanted hair zones. The fluence profile, energy profile, the spot size, and the pulse duration parameters of our Sciton BBL Forever Bare laser hair removal in Southlake, Texas makes it one of the most efficient devices on the market.

Laser Hair Reduction Animation

Financing Available

Southlake Plastic Surgery is proud to partner with accredited financing providers so you can get the procedure you need when you need it, including laser hair removal in Southlake. With convenient monthly payment options that fit in your budget, the treatment you’ve always wanted is closer than you think!

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