Plastic Surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth: How it Works

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth: How it Works

For most plastic surgery patients, the most intimidating part of the process is the initial consultation. If you’ve never had surgery before, especially an elective surgery, it can be difficult to know what to expect.

Our plastic surgery team’s extensive aesthetic experience has earned us the reputation as the best place for plastic surgery in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. You can bet we have a plastic surgery process that makes our patients feel welcome, informed, and comfortable from the initial consultation to the final results and post-care!

Keep reading to learn how surgery at Southlake Plastic Surgery works. 


The Initial Plastic Surgery Consultation

No matter if we’re your top choice or if you have a list of surgeons you want to check out, it’s important to meet your surgeon and consult with him or her and their team. 

Southlake Plastic Surgery offers consultations with Dr. Mark Mason or Dr. Dinah Wan for a small consultation fee. We apply this money toward the cost of your procedure when you book your surgery. Though we offer virtual consultations, there are some good reasons to consult with a surgeon in his or her office. During your consultation, you will:

  • Meet the office staff, patient coordinator, and nurse who will care for you on your surgery journey.
  • Meet with your surgeon to discuss your reasons for surgery, your goals, and your medical history 
  • See before and after results of other patients
  • Have all your questions answered
  • Learn what results to expect

Our board-certified surgeons can detail their qualifications and expertise for you, as well as explain the significance of our AAAASF-accredited private surgical suite. 

Thanks to our on-site hospital grade operating room, you can have your surgery and recover in privacy rather than going to a large or crowded hospital.

Why you need to find an AAAASF-certified plastic surgery center→

Next, we’ll help you book your surgery and set up your pre-op appointment!

Pre-Op Appointment

The preoperative appointment for plastic surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth is with your nurse. If you’d like to see your surgeon, we are happy to set up another appointment with Dr. Mason or Dr. Wan before your surgery. 

During this visit, which is usually one to two weeks prior to your surgery, your nurse may:

  • Perform an EKG if indicated by age or medical condition
  • Review your operative plan and the informed consent materials
  • Take “before” photos of the area(s) receiving enhancement from multiple angles
  • Review preoperative and postoperative guidelines
  • Review prescriptions for pain or antibiotics
  • Answer your lingering questions


The Day of Surgery & 24 Hours After

First, take a deep breath and relax! You are in our very experienced hands. The day before your surgery, you will receive a call from a staff member to review the fasting guidelines important to your safety. Take it easy and get to bed early before your big day. 

You will see your surgeon the morning of your surgery to review the operative plan, make operative markings, and ensure you know what you are consenting to. 

How long is surgery?

The length of your surgery will depend on which procedure(s) we perform. We can combine procedures, but we usually do not schedule the surgery to exceed six hours, as going under general anesthesia for over six hours increases the risk of complications.

What procedures go well together?

Some procedures are especially complementary to one another. Such as:

You cannot drive while you’re on your pain prescription, so it is important to find a family member or friend to drive you the day of surgery and the following day for the first postoperative appointment. You also need a caretaker for several days to help you take your medication and help you around the house. 

Your first postoperative visit is the day after surgery. You will see your surgeon who will evaluate the area and incision(s), change dressings if necessary, and provide additional instructions or prescriptions based on your condition. 


Three to Five Days Post-Surgery

During your immediate post-op visit, your surgeon will advise you about when your sutures or stitches can be removed. For most patients, it’s about three to five days after surgery. In this visit, we will remove the sutures, advise on incision care, provide a free silicone-based scar gel, and make sure you’re on your way to a quick recovery. 

Most patients will need at least three to five days of close care after surgery. During that period, you will need to take pain medication, sleep well, drink A LOT of water, and eat a nutrient-dense diet to promote healing. During these first few days, you are not to care for children, drive anywhere, or work inside or outside the home. 

Stock up on magazines, fill up your DVR with your favorite trashy reality shows, or get a book you’ve been meaning to read, and enjoy this time to yourself to relax and take care of yourself.

One to Four Weeks Post-Surgery

You will have follow-ups in the first and second week post surgery at our office to allow us to continue monitoring your healing. Expect bruising, swelling, and soreness/tenderness now and for the next several weeks. 

At this time, we may advise you to take walks around the house or out to the mailbox. It is important to ease back into all activities and continue to take it easy until you’re at least three weeks post-op. Depending on how you feel, you may get back to work at the two or three-week mark, though you should still avoid strenuous activities—including exercise for at least 6 weeks or until your doctor has cleared you to resume your normal activities. Continue to drink lots of water and eat healthy meals. 

We will also introduce you to our surgical scar treatment options at our medspa. All surgery patients at Southlake Plastic Surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth receive a free scar treatment with one of our advanced laser devices!

Post-surgery complications are rare. However, if you experience any of the following, it is important to notify us:

When to Call Us

  • You experience a fever of 101℉ or higher
  • You experience significant bleeding or pain
  • You have difficulty breathing
  • You cannot urinate
  • If your stitches or incision rupture
  • If you notice any abnormal discharge at the incision site

The most common cosmetic surgery complication is infection at the incision sites. You can avoid this by carefully following your Dallas plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions!

Two to Six Months Post-Surgery

Some time around the second month post surgery, your Southlake plastic surgeon should clear you to resume most of your regular activities, including exercise. Swelling will subside and you can start to see the ultimate results of your procedure. 

Your final postoperative appointment with your surgeon will be at six months post-op. We will take your final “after” photos to compare with the “before” pictures and will discuss the best ways to maintain your results with treatments at our med spa and with our line of Southlake Plastic Surgery skincare products

Make Southlake your choice for plastic surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth!


Southlake Plastic Surgery is proud to be a top choice in plastic surgeons for people in Dallas and Ft. Worth. We work hard to ensure that all patients have a five-star experience with us. 

Our AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery center in Dallas is headed by our medical director and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mason. He has been helping patients for over 20 years and holds surgical privileges at several hospitals in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. 

Contact us to learn about your options and schedule a one-on-one consultation to determine the best course of action to treat your concerns. 

We are also a fully operational med spa, offering non-surgical options for other aesthetic concerns you may have.

Use our instant consultation to tell us about yourself, or schedule your consultation today.

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