Private Plastic Surgery Centers in Dallas and Ft. Worth: Are They Just As Safe As A Hospital?

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Private Plastic Surgery Centers in Dallas and Ft. Worth: Are They Just As Safe As A Hospital?

Just as important as who does your plastic surgery is where it’s performed. 

Many plastic surgeons, including Southlake Plastic Surgery in Dallas and Ft. Worth, offer private plastic surgery centers at their offices to perform outpatient procedures, rather than making patients go to a nearby hospital for surgery. 

Just like you need to check out your plastic surgeon, you also need to understand the importance of verifying that your surgeon’s plastic surgery center is properly equipped and credentialed to ensure your risk is kept to a minimum.

Keep reading to find helpful information about trusting a private plastic surgery center in Dallas and Ft. Worth.


Understanding the potential risks and complications of your procedure

All surgery, no matter where it’s performed, carries a certain level of risk. Before you book your surgery with us, your surgeon will go over all the possible risks and complications to ensure we fully inform you about the procedure. 

We will also introduce you to our on-site AAAASF-accredited private surgical suite and plastic surgery center. No matter if you are consulting with our practice or another, you need to be sure you’ll be safe before going through with your procedure.

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What is the importance of having AAAASF accreditation?

Not all private surgical facilities are made the same. With no hospital affiliation, how do you ensure it’s equipped to keep you safe? 

It’s important that you verify the facility meets the standards to receive accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)

Established in 1980, the AAAASF is the gold standard of accreditation organizations for private surgery centers. The AAAASF promotes the highest quality patient safety in the ambulatory surgery setting, in addition to rehabilitation and outpatient therapy agencies and rural health clinics. To receive accreditation from this organization indicates the highest level of commitment to patient health.

Part of what makes accreditation from the AAAASF so prestigious is that the criteria are rigorous. Facility surveyors from the AAAASF are board-certified medical specialists, allowing them deep insight into the potential long-term impact a practice could have upon its patients.


How does a facility become certified?

As we mentioned, receiving AAAASF accreditation is a rigorous process. There are many standards a facility must meet. 

Some of these include:

  • All surgeons operating in the plastic surgery center must have hospital privileges. This means the plastic surgeon has satisfied the hospital’s credentialling committee, the medical board and board of trustees of that institution, and that they are competent and qualified in procedures it has given them authorization to perform.
  • The operating room must meet hospital-level standards.
  • An anesthesiologist must be present during surgery in order to provide deeper levels of sedation safely.
  • All surgical equipment, medications, and the overall environment of the facility must adhere to stringent safety standards.
  • The facility must go through peer review and collect comprehensive surgical data consistently.
  • The facility must adhere to all federal laws and regulations affecting operations.

Our AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center in Dallas and Ft. Worth is re-evaluated yearly with a self-survey and an on-site survey every three years. We prominently display our up-to-date accreditation certificate in our office. 

Patients are comforted by the knowledge that they’re receiving the best in safety, quality, and infection control, as well as comfort and privacy for themselves and their caretakers. 

What other credentials should I look for?

Verifying that a private plastic surgery facility has AAAASF accreditation is only half the battle. You also need to do your homework on your surgeon. 

For the best outcome, it’s important that you verify your surgeon is certified by the ABPS

Board certification from one of the recognized Member Boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties indicates your surgeon:

  • Has at least six years of speciality training and experience
  • Passed written and oral exams
  • Continues to demonstrate expertise in the field and subjects him or herself to peer review
  • Commits to ongoing education and training to maintain their certification status

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