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Put That Pout Back in Place With Lip Enhancement Options in DFW

Your smile says a lot about you, and if you’re not comfortable with your lips it seriously impacts that smile! Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa offers several lip enhancement options in DFW to restore the look of aging lips or simply add a boost of fullness for thinner lips. 

If you’re looking for a permanent solution, our expert surgeons perform the best lip lifts in the region. For those who aren’t ready for something permanent and don’t want to get filler injections for lip augmentation, our med spa injectors have mastered the Botox® lip flip.

Turn back time and love your lips with lip lift surgery

A lip lift in Southlake, Texas is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin above the upper lip to shorten the vertical length between the nose and upper lip. As we age, the distance of skin from the base of the nose to the upper lip border generally elongates. 

By shortening this space, our expert plastic surgeons create a more youthful looking lip with an enhanced “pout,” because more of the vermilion (pigmented part of your lips) is visible. A lip lift also provides more visibility of the upper front teeth, another sign of a youthful face. We conceal the inconspicuous scar within the shadowed crease between the base of the nose and the upper lip. When it comes to lip enhancement options in DFW, a surgical lip lift offers a permanent natural-looking, near-perfect pout (not accounting for the continued natural aging of your skin).

What to expect from a lip lift

Lip lifts are highly customizable outpatient procedures. Our expert surgeons take a variety of artistic approaches to ensure patients get the results they expect. Generally, lip lifts fall into one of the following categories:

  • Direct lip lift: Sometimes called a gullwing lip lift, this removes a thin strip of skin just above the upper lip before pulling the skin upward for a more pronounced vermilion. 
  • Subnasal bullhorn: Perhaps the most common lip lift approach, this procedure includes an incision hidden along the base of the nose before the center, right, and left of the upper lip are pulled up toward the nose.
  • Central lip lift: Similar to the subnasal bullhorn, a central lip lift makes a small incision at the lower middle nose to shorten the space between the nose and lips.
  • Corner lip lift: This version of the lip lift creates a more “smiley” look via two small incisions at the corners of the mouth. Corner lip lifts can be performed along with another lip lift to give fuller, more upturned lips.

Procedure Information

Procedure Time

Approximately 1-2 hours


We perform lip lifts in Southlake under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation as an in-office, outpatient procedure.

Recovery time

Day of surgery – return to daily activities

5 to 7 days – sutures are removed

10 to 14 days – light make-up may be applied

Who is a good candidate for lip lift surgery?

For a successful lip lift, a distance of approximately 15 mm is required between nose and upper lip. Whether you have a naturally long midface or aging has caused the skin to elongate and lip to thin, a surgical lip flip gives a natural-looking result. 

People interested in lip enhancement who want to avoid added volume or potential shape distortion find lip lift surgery an ideal choice over alternatives such as lip fillers because it may provide a more natural and permanent result. 

Those who seek gender confirmation procedures are increasingly turning to surgical lip lifts for their profoundly feminizing effect on the features thanks to the emphasized pout. 

Lip lift FAQs

How painful is a lip lift?

There is very little postoperative pain associated with lip lift surgery. However, expect to have minimal swelling and bruising that will last for 5 to 6 days.

What are the risks of lip lift surgery?

As with any surgery, lip lift surgeries do come with possible side effects such as scarring and difficulty healing of the wound site. Healing typically takes 3 to 6 months, but the appearance of the area can continue to soften for up to a year.

How much does lip lift surgery cost?

Several factors influence the cost of a lip lift surgery. We don’t want cost standing in the way of your aesthetic goals, so Southlake Plastic Surgery partners with accredited financing providers. This gives you the option of convenient, affordable monthly payments. 

The incredible Botox® lip flip

Do you dream of fuller lips without added volume? A lip flip performed by the expert Botox® injectors at Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa gives subtle lip enhancement and improves a “gummy” smile. With just a few quick injections and a very small amount of Botox®, the upper lip “relaxes” and rolls slightly upward, increasing the amount of upper lip that’s visible to give a fuller appearance. This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting a more subtle result, or anyone who wants to try out the most short-term of our lip enhancement options in DFW before committing to anything with longer-lasting results. 

How does a lip flip work?

When you come to our Southlake med spa for a Botox® lip flip, you will love how quick and easy the treatment is! Our injection specialist makes a few injections just above the upper lip, into the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle surrounding the mouth). Botox® affects this muscle the same as any other and temporarily relaxes the part of the muscle over your upper lip. This not only lets your upper lip roll upward, appearing fuller and more defined, it can also smooth vertical lines around your lips. 

While the treatment is quick (only 10 to 20 minutes) and seems simple, it requires extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and a high level of skill. The amount of Botox® used in a lip flip is minimal, so “over treating” with too many units can happen easily if the provider lacks the specific training and experience performing lip flips. Too much Botox® in the orbicularis oris muscle limits your ability to move your lips normally. 

How long does a Botox® lip flip last?

Of the 3 most-used lip enhancement options in DFW, lip flips last the least amount of time. Surgical lip lifts are permanent and lip augmentation with fillers typically lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months. A lip flip, on the other hand, tends to last just 6–8 weeks because the amount of neurotoxin is so low and the lips are a hypermobile area. This makes it a perfect option to “test drive” lip enhancement economically before opting for more long-lasting options. 

Several of our patients love the lip flip so much they’re more than happy to get touch-ups every few months instead of moving on to fillers or surgery. 

Lip enhancement options in DFW: Reviewing lip lifts vs lip flips

When it comes to lip enhancement options that give natural-looking yet noticeable results, we recommend either a surgical lip lift or a Botox® lip flip. Both options show more of the upper lip’s vermilion by “rolling” or pulling the skin upward. 

A lip lift is permanent, though as you continue to age the skin between nose and lip will keep thinning, adding length back to the area. Lip lifts also increase “tooth show,” which just means exposing more of the upper teeth. 

Lip flips don’t last as long as other lip enhancement options. The trade off is how quick and relatively inexpensive the treatment is, taking only 10 minutes or so and a very small amount of Botox® for the best results. 

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