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Keeping your skin blemish-free can be a challenge, so when you receive a stubborn, long-lasting scar, you may begin to feel discouraged. But despite what you may think, even scars don’t have to be permanent! You just need the right aesthetic treatment.

At Southlake Plastic Surgery, we can clear your skin with the help of laser scar removal. Dallas has a number of medspas to choose from, but our results speak for themselves. So, let us explain why you should choose Southlake Plastic Surgery for your cosmetic needs.

The Right Location for Laser Scar Removal

Dallas has a number of wellness and aesthetic clinics, but Southlake Plastic Surgery is a cut above. We have a variety of cosmetic procedures available to treat damaged skin. Our team members are trained to provide the highest-quality medical care possible.

But our clinic is about more than just treating you and sending you on your way. We want to develop an environment that helps you feel safe and comfortable.

If you’ve never received aesthetic care before, you may feel a bit nervous about the process, but we will do whatever it takes to help you enjoy your time at our clinic. 

ProFractional Laser

One of our options for laser skin treatments is the Sciton ProFractional laser. The ProFractional laser is a treatment designed to help clear up a number of different skin conditions, including poor skin texture, skin laxity, and, of course, scarring.

This treatment works by stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is a vital protein for the body’s development of healthy skin, cartilage, tendons, and muscle.

When we trigger collagen production in the treatment area, damaged and scarred tissue will be replaced by healthy, smooth skin.

The treatment shouldn’t be painful, thanks to the help of topical numbing cream. In total, the procedure should take less than 2 hours. While you may need some downtime, it shouldn’t last more than a week.

You will likely notice some redness in the skin (similar to that of a sunburn), but that will fade shortly.

Alternatives to Laser Scar Removal

Dallas citizens aren’t limited to only one way to clear up their skin. At Southlake, we have a number of options for the reduction of the appearance of scars including microneedling and the BBL Photofacial.

Both of these options are non-invasive and result in little to no downtime. Any of our scar removal options could be the best choice for you, so if you’re not sure which to pick, then consider reaching out to our team for a consultation.

A consultation for Laser Scar Removal Dallas

We will sit down with you and go over your options, so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best treatment possible for your specific condition. All of our treatment recommendations are tailored to meet each individual patient’s needs.

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