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Many women all over the world take steps to increase their bust size. It’s a popular cosmetic procedure, but as a result, it might seem strange to reduce your breasts. But breast reduction is a legitimate need for many women.

Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, sometimes a person’s breasts are just too big! Large breasts can leave a woman feeling uncomfortable, especially during taxing physical activities. Other women might want a smaller, more petite frame, and that’s okay too.

Everyone, no matter their shape or size, deserves to feel beautiful. So learn how Southlake Plastic Surgery can help with your breast reduction surgery.

Southlake Plastic Surgery

Our team at Southlake Plastic Surgery is eager to help you, no matter what your aesthetic concern might be.

Our team has trained for many years, and we have lots of practical, in-the-field experience at our disposal. We’re ready to help, no matter what you throw at us. From breast reductions to jawline fillers to rhinoplasty, we specialize in all kinds of aesthetic treatments.

Southlake: the ideal place for breast reduction in dallas

Our clinic is also designed to optimize patient satisfaction. We know how uncomfortable and intimidating doctor’s offices can be, but we’re more than the average doctor; our team is here to take care of you through the entire process from consultation to post surgery. We want you to feel relaxed while you’re getting the top-notch treatment you deserve.

The Breast Reduction Process

So how do we actually reduce your breasts? First, we use some general anesthesia to put you under—this is an in-depth procedure, so you’ll need to be asleep while we work.

From there, your breast tissue and fat will be removed until the predetermined size is reached. We might find that your breasts are lacking volume, so we may use implants to replace the fullness. Yes, as silly as it may seem, you may actually end your breast reduction with breast implants!

The surgery takes about 3-4 hours in total, depending on the amount of breast tissue to be removed and if you need implants or not.

After the Treatment

Once the treatment is finished, you won’t be able to resume all of your usual activitiesusual activities in about 2 weeks. Some discomfort following the procedure is normal, but luckily, this won’t last too long. You can use pain medications and muscle relaxants for the next several days

You will need to be careful not to lift anything over 10 lbs for the next 6 weeks or engage in any strenuous exercise, especially any activities that involve your chest muscles.

Your breasts will continue to heal over the next 6 weeks, and you can resume most of your normal activities including exercise.. After 6 months, you’ll find that your breasts have fully recovered.

If you have any questions after the procedure is complete, feel free to ask! We want you to have a solid understanding of your treatment timeline.

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