Microlaser Peel in Southlake Texas

About Microlaser Peel

Giving you a vibrant look

A Microlaser Peel in Southlake Texas helps with the outermost layers of skin and can be used by itself or with other treatments. This treatment helps improve color evenness and helps the skin look vibrant.

Procedure Time:
30-45 minutes
This treatment requires a local topical numbing cream for the deeper treatments. If doing lighter settings and more treatments the cooling system can be used without topical.

What it treats:
Pigment issues
fine wrinkles
acne scars
enlarged pores
poor skin tone

Recovery Time:
2 to 7 days depending on the severity of the treatment

How does it work?

Skin with these conditions is rejuvenated by the vaporizing action of the laser. They use an erbium laser and the depth can be adjusted to the individual needs. There may be pinpoint bleeding initially which subsides within the hour.


Brighter and more rejuvenated appearance. This treatment can be customized for deeper areas such as lines around mouth and eyes.

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