Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

About Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment in Southlake, Texas

Lymphatic drainage treatment is a relaxing technique that uses gentle directional pressure to encourage the drainage of lymph fluids. These fluids located in lymph nodes all over the body contain oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and other vital nutrients. Encouraging the circulation of lymphatic fluids encourages healing after surgery by reducing swelling and inflammation by flushing out toxins.

Procedure Time

15-30 minutes depending on the part of the body that is treated

What it treats:

All areas of the face, neck, and body

Recovery Time

There is no downtime; all normal activities can be resumed immediately.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

The lymphatic treatment at Southlake Plastic Surgery Med Spa is performed with the Hydrafacial™ machine for patients who are preparing for or recovering from surgery to maximize surgical results and minimize the time for recovery.
Optimal benefits are achieved when the treatment is done few days to one week before surgery and then continued weekly post-surgery after all drains have been removed (if drains are in place) until swelling has completely subsided.

Lymphatic drainage is also beneficial for those who experience swelling and inflammation in different parts of the body due to the retention of fluids. Lymphatic treatments can help the body get rid of the excess fluids. People with blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) or active infections should not receive lymphatic drainage treatment.