Tone Your Body for 2020: Benefits of CoolSculpting in Southlake

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CoolSculpting applicator on patient's abdomen

Tone Your Body for 2020: Benefits of CoolSculpting in Southlake

It’s finally summer, which means it’s also the season where you can show a little more skin. But there comes a time when you may need a little extra toning and fat reduction on top of your regular work out regime. 

That’s exactly where CoolSculpting comes in. 

At Southlake Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we’ve performed countless fat reduction procedures, allowing us to see first hand the amazing benefits of CoolSculpting. If you’re still on the fence about this easy, non-invasive procedure, keep reading and we’ll lay out exactly why CoolSculpting can help you reach your body goals. 

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No anesthesia, no incisions, no downtime

CoolSculpting is an innovative fat-reducing treatment that doesn’t require you to go under the knife. Procedures like liposuction come with recovery times, and you’ll be forced to take off work (but you can definitely combine lipo with CoolSculpting to maximize your benefits). With CoolSculpting, you’re in and out of the office and can go back to your regular activities!

Targeted fat loss, real results

Let’s face it — you can try to target specific areas of fat at the gym, but there is never going to be a guarantee that it will work. Exercising can help tone muscles and reduce overall fat, but it’s genetics that decides where you lose the fat, not you. Fortunately, CoolSculpting can do what you can’t: target specific areas. That means you can reduce fat in areas such as your stomach, love handles, thighs, buttocks, and more! 

Fat is gone forever

Since CoolSculpting actually freezes and kills fat cells, the cells can’t resurrect themselves; they’re gone forever. In the following weeks after your procedure, your body will process the fat and eliminate the dead cells. That means you should give your body a little bit of time to get rid of those dead fat cells. After about three weeks, you’ll start noticing gradual changes in your body. 

For people young, old, and anyone in between

All ages are welcome to enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting. If you have a little excess fat you’re tired of looking at, then the procedure is for you. However, keep in mind that CoolSculping doesn’t tighten loose skin, and it’s not designed to be a weight loss procedure. 

Boosts self esteem 

CoolSculpting finally gives you the body you’ve been wanting. Sometimes, stubborn fat just doesn’t go away, no matter how many hours in the gym you put in. It’s time to be proud of your body, and CoolSculpting can give you a much needed self-esteem boost!

Learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting at Southlake Plastic Surgery.

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