THIS Hydrating Facial Is the Best Summer Skincare Treatment in Southlake

Southlake Plastic Surgery

woman enjoying hydrating facial

Our skin’s needs change with the seasons, and summer is no exception! Although these humid Southlake summers can feel plenty hydrating, summer is actually the perfect time to give your skin that big drink of water it’s been craving.

You can trust us when we say there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a lovely hydrating facial to spruce up your summer skincare and get you feeling positively glowing this summer. 

At Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we offer unique treatments that are more than just cosmetic. The HydraFacial combines relaxation with real, effective skin care to give you some gorgeous summer skin. Keep reading to learn more about one of our favorite treatments!

Meet the HydraFacial! | Benefits of a hydrating facial in Southlake

As you can probably guess by the name, this relaxing, beneficial treatment is a hydrating facial in Southlake–but actually, it’s so much more than that. Here are some of the awesome benefits of a HydraFacial at Southlake.

Medical grade facial care

Each step of the HydraFacial–cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate, fuse and protect– is formulated by medical aestheticians and doctors to provide optimal benefits. The process is more than just superficial. It addressed a variety of concerns, including acne, scarring, redness, and more. 

Accessible to everyone

This treatment is beneficial for every skin type and of any age! Virtually anyone can enjoy the benefits of the HydraFacial hydrating facial in Southlake. 

The process is super customizable and infuses steps that are good for people with dry, oily, or combination skin. The process is also particularly effective for those with acne-sensitive skin, and it’s great for teens!

Enhances other skincare products

One of our favorite benefits of the HydraFacial is that it works as a preventative measure in more ways than one. The actual treatment is so great for your skin, but it also makes your other skincare products work better in the long run!

Because of the way the HydraFacial deep cleans your pores, your skin becomes more receptive to products you’ll use in the coming days. These products will absorb more deeply into the skin and work even better!

Schedule an appointment

Book an appointment for your HydraFacial today! We start each of our treatments with an in-depth consultation that allows us to completely customize the treatment to your unique needs and desired results. We can’t wait to work with you!