Questions You Should Ask Before Getting SAFELipo in Southlake

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Questions You Should Ask Before Getting SAFELipo in Southlake

Unfortunately, there are times when working out and eating healthy simply aren’t enough. Stubborn pockets of fat may stick around, which can be frustrating and discouraging. With SAFE lipo in Southlake, you can finally get rid of unwanted fat and gain the sculpted body you’ve worked for!

At Southlake Plastic Surgery we believe that as with any surgical procedure, you’ll want to be fully educated about the liposuction process and how it works. 

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What is SAFELipo?

SAFE lipo in Southlake is an innovative technique that combines traditional liposuction with fat shifting and fat grafting. Without generating heat, SAFE Lipo in Southlake is a great choice for those looking for a highly effective body shaping procedure with fewer complications and improved results.

SAFE lipo is most commonly used for contouring areas such as the:

  • Abdomen (Circumferential Trunk)
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Upper Back
  • Arms
  • Face
  • Neck

What’s the difference between SAFELipo and traditional lipo?

The biggest difference between SAFELipo and traditional lipo is that SAFELipo is much more than liposuction. It’s actually considered “body contouring.” That’s because the process includes redistributing, grafting, and shifting fat, skin tightening, and contouring deformity correction for more natural, comprehensive results.

What can I expect after my liposuction procedure?

After getting SMARTLipo, we will provide you with extensive post-care instructions. Typically, our patients return to work after just a few days, and report feeling completely back to normal after about 1 week. After 2 weeks, you’ll be able to return to your exercise regimen! For such a potentially life-changing procedure, this recovery time is extremely impressive!

What kind of results can I expect from SMARTLipo?

You can expect an overall reduction in fat and body sculpting after getting SMARTLipo in Southlake. If you’re curious about the results our patients have received, check out our before and after page

When will I start seeing results from SMARTLipo?

You won’t start seeing the final results from your SMARTLipo procedure right away, although you may notice some improvement immediately and in the first few weeks after surgery. Because the overlying skin has to shrink and smooth over the body’s new shape following your fat removal treatment, you can expect final results 6 to 9 months after the procedure.

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to liposuction?

Yes! CoolSculpting is actually a great alternative to SMARTLipo liposuction, especially if you have smaller pockets of fat you’re trying to get rid of. CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis technology to target, freeze, and kill fat cells. This leads to permanent, body sculpting results without downtime or anesthesia. 

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