How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Southlake, TX

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woman giving flowers and present to her mother

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Southlake, TX

Where would we be without our mothers? Even though mothers deserve praise every day of the year, Mother’s Day is an especially fun and unique opportunity to show them just how much we care. 

You may find it hard to figure out plans for the special day, so our team at Southlake Plastic Surgery have come up with a few ideas on how to spend Mother’s Day in Dallas, TX that you and your family can enjoy.

Get up and get moving

Morning yoga or a beautiful walk around a park can give you and your mom some calming, one-on-one time you may not usually get. If you have siblings, you can invite them along, or you can keep your mom for yourself (because when does that ever happen?). 

Take her out to brunch

Everyone loves a good brunch. Tons of places around Dallas are hosting Mother’s Day brunch events, while other restaurants already have weekly brunch menus. We highly recommend you reserve space ahead of time since events and restaurants could become booked very quickly. 

Host your own dinner

Who says you have to pack into a crowded restaurant on Mother’s Day? If you want to find out how to spend Mother’s Day in Southlake, TX without scavenging for a restaurant, a DIY dinner is the way to go. You and your siblings can come together to cook some of your mother’s favorite dishes and desserts. Plus, you can even get the grandkids involved!

Unwind at a medical spa

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a trip to a medical spa. Medical spas offer a variety of aesthetic treatments to help your mother look and feel years younger. You can always buy her a gift card so she can go on her own, or you can join in on the fun! 

Our personal favorite med spa treatments for pampering your momma on Mother’s Day:

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If you’re having trouble deciding your Mother’s Day plans, our expert team is here to help. We love celebrating women each and every day, and that’s exactly why we offer surgical and non-surgical aesthetic solutions to bring out your natural beauty. 

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