Saline Vs. Silicone | Breast Implant Types

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Saline Vs. Silicone | Breast Implant Types

Getting breast implants may be something you’ve been thinking about for years. Whether you’ve been pondering it for a while or you’re new to the idea, making the choice to undergo breast augmentation is an important one, especially regarding breast implant types. 

Life is full of tough decisions—let us help you with this one.

Southlake Plastic Surgery is the premier destination for breast augmentation in Southlake. Keep reading to discover the differences between saline and silicone breast implants.


There are two major FDA-approved breast implant types. The first we’ll take a look at is the saline option!

What is a saline breast implant?

The saline breast implant is an FDA certified implant device used by surgeons to enlarge the breasts. It’s a small sack designed to mimic the natural shape of the breast, and once inserted, your surgeon will manually fill it with sterile saline solution to create the desired volume. 

Your doctor can modify the implant for your unique desired outcome. Together with your surgeon you will decide on the best size saline implant based on factors like your lifestyle, health, and specific body type. 


Once you and your doctors have decided that out of the two breast implant types, the saline makes the most sense for you, then we will get your procedure scheduled.

One major benefit of the saline implant: because the doctor inserts the implant while empty, the incision can be considerably smaller than that used for a silicone implant. Once inserted, your surgeon will fill the implant with sterile saline fluid through a small tube. 

At Southlake we typically use the inframammary incision (under the breast) due to its low infection rate, ease of implant placement, and low visibility scarring. 


Although rare, as implants age, the silicone casing can form a tear or a hole. This is called a rupture. Out of both breast implant types, the saline offers the distinct benefit that if there were to be a rupture, you would suffer absolutely no health risks! Saline has the same saltwater composition as the body, so it would be easily and safely absorbed by the surrounding tissue. 

A ruptured saline implant is noticeable and looks deflated. If you think your implant may have ruptured, contact us to schedule a replacement.


Now let’s take a closer look at the second of two breast implant types: the silicone implant.

What is a silicone breast implant?

The silicone breast implant type is prefilled with silicone, a thick gel which mimics the natural feel of breast tissue. Many people prefer the silicone implant because they offer a much more realistic and natural feel and look


Just like the saline implant, your surgeon will most commonly make an inframammary incision  (under the breast) which has the lowest risk of infection and lowest scarring visibility. However, because the silicone implant is prefilled with silicone, the incision may be slightly larger than that of the saline. 

The implant will be inserted into the pocket under your breast tissue and then adjusted to mimic the natural contours of the breasts. 


Just like the saline implant, the silicone is FDA approved! There is a slight chance the implant will rupture, but with silicone ruptures it’s likely you won’t even be able to tell. That’s because silicone is firm, and even without the surrounding casing, it will hold its original shape. However, this could cause pain and discomfort down the road if surrounding tissue were to form to the silicone. An MRI can detect a rupture, and your surgeon will schedule a breast implant replacement.

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