Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction in Southlake Texas is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from a woman’s breast.



A breast reduction in Southlake Texas is great for patients with large breasts. A breast reduction surgery can improve self-image and the ability to perform physical activities and exercise. In general, breast reduction surgery has a very high satisfaction rate among patients.


Significantly improve symptoms such as:

Back pain

Neck pain

Rashes in the breast folds

Achieve a size proportional to the body

Restore breast symmetry

‘Lifting’ the breasts


What it treats:

Disproportionate breasts
Large breasts
Sagging breasts
Asymmetrical breasts

Procedure Time

3-4 hours

Recovery Time

7 – 10 days for daily activities
6 weeks for full healing
6 months for full results

Before & After

This patient is 24 years old. She had heavy breasts and wanted them lifted and reduced in size.

Dr. Wan performed removed 266 grams of breast tissue from the left and 248 grams from the right. The patient had improvement of her neck and shoulder pain after surgery.

Procedure Information

Expert Care

Dr. Mark E. Mason is a board-certified, Stanford-trained plastic surgeon with years of experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is well-trained in all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery. He now focuses his plastic surgery and med spa center in Southlake Texas on procedures of the body and face to maximize results.

Will it hurt?

Pain is relative and everyone reacts differently. Most patients say, “this is the easiest thing I have ever done.” Discomfort is expected, but pain medications might be taken only for the first 2-3 days.


The procedure is done under general anesthesia.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Dinah Wan

“It is so important for a plastic surgeon to be in-sync with their patients- their goals, their aesthetics, their fears and concerns. The bond I develop with my patients over the course of their pre- and post-surgical care and the trust they place in me to envision what they desire and understand what they need is something I cherish tremendously. It’s the best part of my job”

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