How to Tighten Skin on Your Face (Without Surgery)

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How to Tighten Skin on Your Face (Without Surgery)

Wrinkles and fine lines can really add up and take away your youthful complexion. But loose, sagging skin can be just as much of a culprit against your anti-aging efforts. It’s no secret that there are a ton of surgical options available to reverse skin laxity, but many people don’t realize that non-surgical skin tightening is a great alternative.

Specifically with SkinTyte, the skincare specialists at Southlake Plastic Surgery & Med Spa provide amazing results without the downtime that comes with invasive procedures. 

If you’re wondering how to tighten skin on your face without surgery, especially in time for summer vacation, keep reading about SkinTyte and what the treatment can do for you.

How does SkinTyte work?

SkinTyte uses infrared broadband light (BBL) energy to heat underlying tissues. This heat triggers the body’s natural healing process in your skin’s deepest layer, in turn creating a wave of new collagen fibers to tighten your face. As a result, SkinTyte works great to: 

  • Tighten skin around the eyes
  • Firm jowls for a more defined jawline
  • Improve the skin’s texture and smoothness
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

What to expect during a SkinTyte treatment

During your SkinTyte treatment, your provider will use the advanced device to send pulses of high-intensity light energy into the treatment area(s). While you may feel a slight warming sensation, the procedure is virtually painless. 

Since this is a non-invasive procedure, it doesn’t come with any downtime, so once you’re done, you can return to your daily activities (or just take the day off for some extra “me time”). You may notice results after only one treatment; however, the best results typically appear after 3 to 6 sessions. 

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Additionally, we invest vast amounts of time, energy, and money in research and continuing education to ensure we offer the best aesthetic patient care possible with the latest technology. 

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