BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps the Aging Process

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BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps the Aging Process

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a treatment for many common and debilitating symptoms that are associated with aging. Some of these symptoms include exhaustion, stress, foggy thinking, weight gain, sleep disturbances, and so much more. Often, people with symptoms like these are suffering from hormonal imbalance. These ailments are treated by getting to the root cause of these complex conditions and returning the patient to a state of hormone balance. BHRT is simple method for correcting these complex issues through effective hormone balance therapy.

BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) effectively balances hormones using hormone pellets. Hormone optimization therapy begins to work within 7-10 days of your pellet insertion. After insertion, a consistent dose of bio-identical hormones enter the bloodstream (unlike creams and injections which cause spikes and drops in hormone levels). Every patient’s hormone therapy is customized to his or her unique physiology; each person’s metabolism of the hormones depends on his or her cardiac output and is carefully monitored during the first few months of therapy. BioTE’s hormone optimization utilizes pellet therapy which mimics the hormones already present in your body and has the same molecular structure as human hormones.

Hormone deficiencies are one of the leading causes of accelerating the aging process which occurs in both men and women. Decreases in women’s hormones is much more widely discussed and understood, but men also experience noticeable decreases in hormones as they age. Testosterone levels begin to decline in men beginning in their early 30’s and is referred to as “andropause”. In both men and women, testosterone has been shown to increase energy, improve sexual function, restore sleep patterns, relieve depression and anxiety, improve memory and concentration, increase bone density and decrease fat mass. Men (and women) need adequate levels of testosterone for optimal mental and physical health and for the prevention of chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease. Along with chronic illness prevention, bio-identical pellets have been shown to be superior in relieving menopausal and andropausal symptoms when compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy.

As each patient’s symptoms are unique, so is each patient’s path to hormone optimization. Utilizing hormone optimization therapy, some patients report symptom relief in as little as seven to 10 days, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months. Your hormone optimization therapy will be customized to balance your hormones and fit your specific needs. It takes more than one to two weeks for your hormones to get out of balance, so expect your return to a state of hormone balance to take time.

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